Redondo Beach Car Accident

What Happens on California Highways Every Year?

Every year, thousands upon thousands of motor vehicle accidents occur on California highways, and a large part of those accidents result in personal injuries and may even require DUI lawyers. Redondo Beach runs along the Coast Highway, and there are bars everywhere.

It is also a tourist town, and home to several large schools with kids everywhere.  As of the 2010 census, the population was 66,748.  Although not the largest greater Los Angeles city, it is dense and ripe with tourists.  The chances of being in a bicycle, or pedestrian crash with a car is a real possibility.  It may be just a bump or scrape, but the chances are it is gonna be worse. You may end up in the hospital emergency room.

And when this happens, Ehline Law Firm PC, are the highly experienced jurists in the South Bay with impressive results for our clients.  The victims we represent include people just like you who suffered devastating injuries due to motor vehicle collisions across Southern California.

What You Must Know About Recovery of Compensation for a Vehicular Accident Claim

If you or someone you know were seriously injured due to a car accident, there are many things you must know or you could be hurting your chances at recovery. You must prove that the defendant driver of the injury causing vehicle, negligently operated his or her motor vehicle, that caused the accident.

Alternatively, you must show that a defect in the vehicle or even the roadway was the actual cause of the injury causing accident. Like in all accidents, determining who is at fault. Our attorneys understand the dynamics of vehicle related mishaps, and we make sure our clients’ claims for injuries result in the highest level of compensation possible.

South Bay Legal Counsel

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What Our Experienced Attorneys Help With

At the Ehline Law Firm PC, our accident injury attorneys may be able to help you determine who caused the injury or occurrence. [i.e., who is at fault.] We will use our vast pool of investigators, research attorneys, appellate resources, expert witnesses and doctors to help you or your loved ones determine legal liability. Above all, we want you to get justice through the pocket book of the injury causing person or insurance company.

All Kinds of Collisions and Defects

rear end car accident

Often injuries and collisions result from a defective tire, or maybe a defective seat-belt. This is known a defective products case. Other times injuries like misdiagnosis of a disease, or wrongful birth of a defective child, or wrongful death from the professional malpractice of doctors, dentists, pharmacists.

Even attorneys can be liable for professional malpractice. It could be as simple a crack in a floor or slippery surface causing a defect on a floor, pool-side surface, stairwell. These are known as premises liability cases. Our firm litigates all types of cases not just motor vehicle accidents.

Understanding The Contingency Fee Our firm takes personal injuries cases on a contingency fee. A contingency fee simply put, is a way of saying you never have to pay Ehline any money up front. We take a percentage from the amount we ultimately get you as recovery and get our costs back.

We wait to get paid once the case is over. If you think the defendant violated the California Vehicle Code and you suffered from a serious catastrophe leading to broken bones, a head slice open, or even the loss of your husband or wife due to a vehicle rollover, you must immediately call for a private consultation with Ehline Law Firm PC; contact us at 1-888-400-9721. Attorneys local to Redondo Beach, are awaiting your call. (Click here.)

Suffer another type of injury?

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