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Advocate at Law

Ehline Law Firm PC is managed by Attorney Michael Ehline, a local resident in the city. He rides his bicycle every week down to the pier and on the strand, has lived in the South Bay for years, and understands the many ways people are injured here. He has personally witnessed motorcycle and bikes getting hit by passenger cars, and has assisted hundreds of people who have been terribly hurt as a result of the negligence of wrongdoers. The firm has recovered millions of dollars for survivors of negligent wrongdoing, and Ehline is here to help you and your family when tragedy strikes.  Give us a call and we will counsel you, and if need be, open up a claim on your behalf. And, as always, no recovery to you, no attorney’s fee to us. Call now at 888.400.9721 toll free and as always, no obligation.

Look for Local Personal Injury Lawyer

It can be a challenge after an catastrophic mishap, to choose the right attorney, and in Redondo, California, it can be an advantage to contact a local injury attorney with expert experience in local courts, and who is part of the South Bay community. Ehline Law Firm PC is experienced in the local court system as a DUI and personal injury law; and is a residing member of the local community, and are well respected and known.

Our Local Firm is In the South Bay

While some attorneys would have you believe they are national law firms with a huge staff, etc., the truth is they do not always have experience, knowledge or skills that Ehline has in the local Redondo California courts and this can be a disadvantage to the injured victim. These legal advocates brag about a large office, with huge overhead, while at the same time, they often contact Ehline Law as a local legal consultant, due to the firm’s local South Bay experience and skill, and lack of dead weight.

Let A Local Represent You in Your Injury Insurance Claim

Attorney Michael Ehline currently lives in Redondo, was raised and attended law school in Southern California, is well respected by his peers and his integrity in seeking justice for the injured victim is unmatched. His professionalism is rewarded by the high regard of his peers and the clients he has represented, and even the adversaries who respect his bold, aggressive moves on the legal battle-field.

Our Commitment to Injured Victims

The Ehline Law firm PC is committed to seeking justice for injured mishaps victim. This commitment includes going up against large California liability insurance companies, corporations and other negligent wrongdoers. As an accomplished attorney Michael Ehline one is able to calm the fears of a hurt patron who is down and out, through the legal process and financial challenges arise.

The Many Perils to a Negligence Victim in Redondo Beach, California

Redondo is a California coastal city located in Los Angeles County making it one of the many California cities that has traffic congestion. There are lots of DUI related collisions near King Harbor, and the Riviera Village Area, as well as the North Bay Galleria areas. This traffic congestion can result in auto accidents, public transportation wrecks, such as bus collisions, and pedestrian hit and runs that result in catastrophic injuries. North RB is hemmed in by Hermosa on the PCH coastline, an area with lots of bars, barhopping and shops, DUI checkpoints, and DUI accidents. When large, heavy vehicles collide with smaller, lighter motorcycles, sports cars, or pedestrians, the outcome for the bicyclist, jogger, or the smaller vehicle can result in too many calamities to name here. People involved in unfortunate situations like this, should seek immediate hospital care to ensure that they mitigate their damages, and determine if there are any life-threatening problems that have been sustained by the non negligent party.

The Right Advocate

It is important after an injury, such as an alcohol or drug related circumstnce, to choose the experienced legal rights defenders to protect the right to compensation and to deal with these tragic problems head on, while you recover from your devastating bodily harm. Your complaints could be from relatively insignificant bumps, scratches, bruises, and include serious wounds like skull fractures, deep lacerations, broken bones, internal bleeding and hematoma, and even fatal loss of bread winner.

We are Here to Help You

The Redondo, California personal injury attorneys out there, such as legal beagle, Michael Ehline, at Ehline Law firm PC, can help protect the injured insurance claims victim, and can be contacted at 888-400-9721 or by their online form at their website. Contact us! Finding a good lawyer can be difficult. Ehline makes it easy.